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US citizens need either a passport or passport card to enter Mexico. This applies for a day-trip to Valle Hermoso or to visit one of our communities in Mexico. You also need a passport or passport card if you plan to visit Nuevo Progreso where you can purchase souvenirs, vanilla or other well-known items. Winter Texans, visitors from the north who live in The Valley during the winter months, are frequent visitors to Nuevo Progreso.  There are now two stores on the U.S. side of the border that offer such souvenirs as well.  Take FM 1015 exit from Expressway 83 and head for Nuevo Progress.  Stores will be on your left.

Passport cards for
Canada/Mexico travel
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The U.S. State Department offers passport cards to citizens traveling to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean by land or sea as a less expensive alternative to regular passports.  These passport cards are not usable for travel to other countries, though.  Since June 2009, travelers to Mexico have been required to present either a passport or passport card.  A birth certificate and driver's license, previously used by many travelers, is no longer sufficient.  For details on how and where to get a passport card, see