Assisting communities in northeastern Mexico and the RGV to improve Health and Education
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v 300 Club

A special way to help is to become a member of the 300 Club. This designation stemmed from a drive to recruit supporters who would pledge to donate $300 per year or more, but donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. To join the 300 Club, you can print out the 300 Club form and mail the completed form to the CUPS Business Office:

PO Box 6933
Kingwood, TX 77325

Some 300 club members choose to send their donations monthly or quarterly, while others send a check for the annual amount.  Any of these payment options are welcome.  If you pay bills using online banking, you may find it convenient to set up CUPS as a payee, and schedule your donations to CUPS on a monthly or quarterly basis.

v Online Credit Card Donations

You can also make online credit card donations by using the DONATE NOW button on our home page.  Clicking on this link takes you to a CUPS donation page on the Network For Good web site.  Credit card transactions are processed for CUPS by Network for Good.  CUPS pays a bank fee of 3% for each credit card donation, so if you choose to donate by check, CUPS will be spared this fee.

v Donations of Stock or Other Securities

CUPS readily accepts donations of stocks, bonds, or other assets. Upon receipt of such donations, CUPS may convert them to cash, or to other low risk investment options, as deemed fit by its board of directors. There may be tax advantages to you to donate stocks or other assets in lieu of cash, especially if these assets are highly appreciated in value. You will need to consult a tax specialist to determine the extent of this impact, as it depends on your personal financial situation.

v Donations via Wills and Trusts

An excellent way to provide for CUPS' future is to make a donation to CUPS in your will, or during your life via a Charitable Remainder Trust, which allows you to set aside money in a trust fund where CUPS is the beneficiary, but where you can continue to receive income generated by the funds for the remainder of your life. If any of these estate planning ideas for donating to CUPS interests you, please contact CUPS at the Business Office address above.

v Donations of Goods or Services

CUPS has ongoing needs for various types of goods and services, including computers, trucks, tools, medicines, school supplies,  and a variety of other things. CUPS welcomes donations of these types of items in good condition. However, due to difficulties importing some types of goods into Mexico, CUPS is not able to accept some types of goods, and so if you are interested in making this type of donation, please contact the CUPS Business Office to determine the fit of your donation with CUPS' needs:

PO Box 6933
Kingwood, TX  77325

(281) 361-4439   Telephone
(281) 361-4439   Fax
Bookkeeper-Marilyn Friedersdorf (Email:

v CUPS Is a 501 (c) (3) Charitable Corporation

CUPS is a non-sectarian, private, non-profit corporation, chartered in the United States, and registered as a legal tax-exempt organization under the Section 501 (c) (3) provisions of the federal tax code (EIN: 74-2527073).  Your gifts to CUPS are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  Your ability to claim contributions as itemized deductions on your Federal Income Tax return depends on the details of your income, filing status, and other deductions, so it is advisable to consult a tax specialist if you are unsure of your eligibility.

In recent years, it has become popular for people to donate to their favorite charities from donor-advised charitable gift funds or by direct transfers from IRAs called Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD).  These means of giving have tax advantages for many givers, but eligibility restrictions apply, so be sure to investigate these options to see if they apply to you.  As a 501 (c) (3) corporation, CUPS qualifies for these types of gifts.