Assisting communities in northeastern Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley
to improve health and education
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The following schedule highlights our donation focus through the coming months.

Fall 2016
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Upcoming Events

October 29, 2016
Mission Presbytery Meeting in McAllen, TX

October 30, 2016
Island Presbyterian Church Mission Fair

November 12, 2016
Board Meeting

School has started but the children in Mexico are still in desperate need of school supplies. We are working diligently to transport school supplies that have already been donated to the children in Mexico but many schools remain with significant educational material needs. As we empty the warehouse in the Valley, more school supplies can now be stored for transport into Mexico. For a list of needed items or to arrange pickup of your gifts, look up the recommended items or nearest donation location contact in the links on the left. Please pray for our ministry as we continue to seek efficient and economical ways to continue to help those in need and get your donated materials into Mexico.

Children receiving donated school supplies

CUPS has been able to maintain a number of work projects throughout this year as Fidencio has worked tirelessly with local communities to accomplish an impressive amount of work. Some of the work that has been completed includes the meeting shelter for the Empalme Centro de Salud, assisting the Padres de las Familias to replace the shingles of the Carolina Balboa special education building, building a classroom at the Saul Aguilar school and constructing a new roof at the Escuela El Tahuachal. Your financial donations continue to allow us to work with the most needy communities to provide a path to being successful through education and health initiatives.

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