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May 9, 2015

Board Meeting

RecognizeCUPS and Louise Recognized

Louise on stage at ceremony


I went to Valle Hermoso on February 11. Since early February the area between Matamoros and Reynosa has been difficult because there have been and continue to be violent contacts between gangs associated with the Gulf Cartel. These drug-related gangs seek to take territory from their rivals.


With trepidation but a driving need to go to Valle Hermoso, I set out, crossing at the Nuevo Progreso Bridge, where the attendant asked me "Where are you going?"  I replied, "With God's help to Valle Hermoso with walkers, crutches and a wheelchair for distribution to those in need of such equipment". He wished me well and after picking up Fidencio and we drove to Valle Hermoso. On the way there, one of the tires was punctured by a spike, a common method of slowing down pursuit of vehicles by the bad guys. We made it to a tire repair shop and the tire was quickly repaired.


At the warehouse shortly after we unloaded the health equipment, a lady I had never seen before came to the door to ask if we helped people. My reply was "Yes, if we can." Cristina explained that she had two neighbors, one in need of a walker, a bedside toilet chair, and diapers and the other, a shower chair. The loving help of Cristina brought Olga and Margarita to the CUPS warehouse. Those equally loving CUPS friends who collect health equipment and supplies for use in Mexico meant that YES we could help. Olga's broken walker was replaced and she received some diapers, and subsequently more came from a Houston friend for her. We have no shower chairs, or bedside toilet chairs but as soon as either or both arrive, they will be given to Olga and Margarita.


Olga with her new walker


I thank God that my fears were overcome and CUPS was able to help two ladies with so much need. This day taught me a lesson that faith can overcome fear leading to beautiful acts of love.  By the way Cristina returned seeking help for another neighbor, a senior citizen in need of adult diapers. I asked Cristina why she helped. She placed her crossed hands over her heart and she "this is how God made me." I know that our US donors would answer in the same way. Faith, hope and charity - all in action. Thanks be to God.


SuppliesHealth and School Supplies Needed

Health and school supplies are always needed but especially at this time of year. Specific needs can be found by clicking on the Donation Schedule. CUPS supporters provided these much needed supplies this spring.

  • Three rural schools were enriched by computers, benefiting over 60 students.
  • March was Special Education month. It was celebrated by schools in Valle Hermoso with lively dances by the students and recognition of the support given to these schools, including that of CUPS and our volunteers and the donations of CUPS' friends.
  • Donated Bibles in Spanish come 24 to the box. In the rural community of La Zacatecana, 22 were given away as ladies of the community also found clothing for their families from over 7 large bags. What was a "loaf and fishes story" is how a young mother with twins came late and still found much appreciated clothing for her girls and received one of the last Bibles.
  • 40 teachers benefited from enrichment materials, thanks to donations CUPS received, and the 5 teachers who came to the CUPS warehouse to select material for delivery to their teacher colleagues.
  • Much good can happen if you "just show up" embraced by His Love.  
Your continued support through donations is much appreciated.
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