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This year we are continuing the Gift Catalog where you can purchase gifts in honor of loved ones that benefit those in need in Mexico. To see the catalog, simply click on the link above.
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The following schedule highlights our donation focus through the coming months.

Medical supplies

School supplies

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Medical Supplies Collection



School Supplies Collection

Be on the lookout for school supplies that are available at the end of the school year.


May 30-31

Board Meeting

UpdateMedical Supplies


If you are poor, elderly, born with physical and/or mental challenges, meeting the needs for your health can be a difficult endeavor.  A ten mile trip to buy a wheelchair may not be possible or the car does not work. There is no money for the gasoline or the wheelchair that costs a week's wages. While this is particularly true in rural areas, it is also true in the urban settings of Mexico.

  • A blind lady of advanced age lives alone and her family is not very involved in her life.  However, her neighbors are involved in her life and led us to her home.  She received a cane and a bedside toilet due to her neighbor's care and the arrival of CUPS with equipment we received from our loving donors. 
  • A young special education child needed a special wheelchair and received one thanks to CUPS friends.
  • Soledad cares for her son, Ismael, who suffers from cerebral palsy.  Some of the supplies he needs such as adult diapers and bed liners come from some of you.
  • CUPS works with local organizations in Mexico to help meet the need for health equipment and supplies and we also go out into the rural areas to find community health promoters who tell us of the needs of the people.
  • We place equipment with local churches so that pastors and congregations can minister to those in need. 
  • The need is year-round.  

So how can you help! There is an extreme shortage of wheelchairs. Beyond wheelchairs, items most needed include walkers, canes, portable commodes, water resistant bed pads, shower chairs, diapers especially smaller adult sizes and child-size diapers. 


Mano De Leon man receives wheelchair and medical supplies.


The Bibles distributed by CUPS are enhanced by reading glasses, especially for older adults. So if you have extra pairs of reading glasses sitting in a drawer at home that are not being used, send them to CUPS. That pair of reading glasses can bring the light of God's word to our friends in Mexico. 


To drop off your donations, please see the list of location and contacts in this newsletter.

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