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SuppliesSupplies Needed

Please help.  If you know a school that has supplies left at the end of the school year, CUPS knows schools in Mexico in need of these leftovers. What are leftover?  Used crayons, used pencils, barely used spiral notebooks and much more.


Mexican teachers are really encouraging reading these days and this effort involves the children and their parents reading together.  Few families have books in their homes and children are learning the joy of reading so if you can locate books in Spanish or bi-lingual books for the delight of children in Mexico, Wonderful!  Bible story books are directed to local churches for Sunday school and VBS.   We have even found that Spanish language textbooks, always with beautiful illustrations and great stories, can expand reading resources for children.


 CUPS gets many requests for help with health equipment and supplies all the time, most especially wheelchairs and diapers.  Just think if you were unable to move what a blessing a walker or a wheelchair would be.  Let CUPS know if you found any of these supplies and we will work together to get them down to South Texas and into Mexico.

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April 22-27, 2012

   Virtual Mission Trip



CUPS is again this year sponsoring its "virtual" team, a concept that is designed to support individuals or groups of individuals who are unable to travel to Mexico as a part of a traditional workgroup, but who want to help a Mexico community. Communication between Virtual participants and Mexican community volunteers will occur on the Internet with daily updates and photos. A minimum fee of $50 per virtual volunteer will help support CUPS work on the designated project. You can sign up on the CUPS web site. 



2011 was a special year for CUPS.  We are grateful to our Lord and His children for the many blessings sent our way, enabling CUPS to continue to serve and enable service in the Mexican communities of Matamoros, Rio Bravo, and Valle Hermoso and also in the Rio Grande Valley colonias. Here are some of the highlights from 2011.

  • 180 children benefited from two construction projects for primary schools in Mexico. 
  • Over 1,600 children in Mexico received much needed school supply packets.
  • Over 38 PETs distributed to people with mobility challenges in Mexico and over twenty built in the PET shop in Mission, TX by CUPS volunteers.
  • More than fifty walkers and wheelchairs as well as health supplies went to Mexico to assist those in need.
  • More than 700 blankets and sweatshirts or coats helped keep folks of all ages warm this winter in Mexico. 
  • Two families in Hidalgo County colonias in need of home repairs benefited from the loving labor of CUPS volunteers.
  • Four valley nonprofits - BARCA, Proyecto Azteca, the McAllen Literacy Center and the Brownsville Literacy Center - received book donations from CUPS Friends and many Mexican primary or kindergarten schools saw their libraries enriched by the gift of books.

CUPS has always been about our relationships with people. Many people of all ages worked with CUPS in 2011.  Some were part of traditional work groups.  Five churches came to help on two mission teams, one working on the U.S. side of the border and the other in Valle Hermoso. Bethel Presbyterian Church, Hope Presbyterian Church and Spring Branch Presbyterian Church helped with work in the colonias on the U.S. side of the border while First Presbyterian Church Kingwood and Hope Presbyterian Church worked on the project in Valle Hermoso. In addition to volunteer labor and funding from the mission teams, others listened to our "call" and sent health and education supplies and equipment.  Many in Mexico helped CUPS organize and distribute these donations.  


In the midst of so much violence and uncertainty, CUPS continues to make an impact in the lives of our friends and neighbors near the border.  


To see the entire year in review article, CLICK HERE. 






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