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FeatureCUPS Financial Support by the "300 Club"


CUPS "300 Club" donors provide a strong foundation for ongoing CUPS operations.  The "300 Club" originated as an approach to obtain a sustaining level of financial support from individuals and families who contribute $25 per month or more annually.  This support is essential if CUPS is to continue to provide critical services to the far Northeastern region of Mexico.  As communicated in recent newsletters, our ability to perform the construction of educational and medical facilities has been reduced, but CUPS continues to build these very needed facilities.  We will complete two school additions, as described in newsletters, this year relying on a limited number of U.S. mission workers and mainly on community residents working under the supervision of Fidencio for the labor to complete the projects.   The material costs for these facilities are funded from mission team fees ($4600  per team), but this revenue stream has been greatly reduced with the reduction in mission team participation.  While the material costs for these projects are not large (approximately $10,000 per project), we would not be able to fund these projects without the loving gifts from "300 Club" donors. CUPS thanks those who faithfully continue to support our work and hopes others will be inspired to join in providing critical sustaining financial support. 

Financial support can be provided either by way of checks mailed to CUPS or through donations made on our website. Also, please do not overlook the potential that some employers have programs that match charitable contributions. A simple check with the corporate Human Resources Department can provide details on how existing programs are administered.


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May 22, 2011

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June 5, 2011

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June 19, 2011

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June 26, 2011

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CommunityUnified Program

The Unified Program brings together individuals committed to work in Christian fellowship with communities with identified needs; helping children, enabling the handicapped, improving the housing of the humble, and getting food to families in need. The Rio Grande Valley Unified Workgroup has been set for the week of June 19, 2011. Project work will be based upon the composition of the team but will involve working with Proyecto Azteca and building PETs. The Unified Program may be especially appealing to volunteers who have participated in CUPS mission trips in the past with a church group, and would like to continue to do so, but whose church is no longer able to sponsor a workgroup. To find out more information or to register, click here. Don't miss this opportunity! 

If your organization has other ideas for partnering with communities in Mexico, please contact Louise Flippin.


ProjectsVicente Guerrero Update

Walls have been laid on the floor at Vicente Guerrero and the school children are already benefiting with the Student's Feeding program.  The kitchen is expected to be completed soon but until the kitchen is functioning, food will be distributed to individual families for their children's lunches.

Floor poured for children at Vincente Guererro
Floor poured for children at Vicente Guerrero




Northwoods Presbyterian Church from Houston, Texas worked with Proyecto Azteca to help renovate the home of Cayetano and Martha Lopez. The family now enjoys new tile, an improved porch and ramps, plus a new and pretty coat of exterior paint. Cayetano and Martha are an elderly couple living solely on social security. Now retired, they were both farmworkers in the Rio Grande Valley and in Michigan.

Working on Lopez home
Working on the Lopez home. 


The Northwoods team also built PETs and helped package other PETs to send overseas. The PETs they made will go to Mexico. Four have already been delivered to Paciano Garcia in Las Higuerillas, Daniel Nunez Garcia and Gonzalo Rivera, both from Matamoros and Miguel Angel Gomez Reyes from San Fernando. This makes the total number of PETs placed in Mexico by CUPS and our friends in Mexico at 13.  Thanks be to God for those people who now have improved mobility.

Northwoods Team making PETs
Northwoods Team making PETs
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