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December 2019 - Vol. 10 No. 2


Looking Ahead 


CUPS is partnering with the staff of a college preparatory high school in Poblado La Soledad to renovate the existing school facilities. This project will be executed with supervision by our own CUPS project manager, Fidencio Perez with help from community volunteer labor and hired contract labor to the extent required. The total cost is of this project is estimated to be approximately $22,000 (US dollars) for purchase of a used van to transport students, building renovation, furnishing of a school library and computer instruction classroom, and air conditioning/heating for classrooms and library/computer classroom.



CUPS plans to provide computers, books, and other school supplies for the school, based on donations from CUPS supporters, which is in addition to the work to be performed with existing funds.



This project is ambitious for CUPS and is not fully funded at this time but the need is important. Your continued support of CUPS helps us accomplish projects like this one and we need that support more than ever now. Won't you consider an end-of-year designated donation to CUPS.




We like to provide information from time to time that our supporters might find useful. Here are some terms often used in our work that might not appear in a typical Spanish class.



A fence -- especially important for schools in the communities CUPS serves, for the safety of children at play



Lit. "Roofed"-- an open-sided structure with a large roof on supports to provide a shaded area for school assemblies and programs.  Many schools in Mexico have a large open courtyard where students and parents gather for such events. CUPS has built several techados.



High School-- the word also can mean High School diploma. CUPS is working with a "Telebachillerato", a "tele-high school" that uses computers and some other resources for longer-distance learning, based in Poblado La Soledad. 



Floor -- CUPS has poured concrete floors for school classrooms, clinics, and community centers.


Project Updates


Here is a list of completed projects in 2019.


  1. Roof repairs at school in Isla Fantasia (see attached photos)
  2. New kindergarten floor for José Delgado community
  3. Repairs to classroom at Alia Musa's special education school in Valle Hermoso
  4. Cement roof for General Villar elementary school I San Luisito

The board also approved two new projects for completion in the next couple of months:

  1. A border fence for Kindergarten Flores Magon
  2. An assembly area roof (techado) for elementary school in José Delgado community


Upcoming Events


February 24, 2020 - Board Meeting at Sugarland PC




Comunidades Unidas Pro Salud



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