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In the Midst of the Storms 

At this time of Thanksgiving, CUPS wishes to thank each and every one of our supporters for their prayers, concerns, donations and financial support during this difficult year. As we have struggled to deal with the drug violence and natural disasters in northeastern Mexico, we have been challenged to reinvent ourselves while being good stewards of all you have given us. During times of storms, we are often brought closer to God as we seek His guidance and rely upon His strength to weather the trials. And this year has been no different. But even in the midst of all these storms raging around us in Mexico, we have still seen God's hand at work and have so much to be thankful for. We had two mission teams go into Mexico this year to complete projects at the Atizapan de Zaragosa primary school in rural Rio Bravo and the Valdez primary school in Valle Hermoso.
Making crosses with children at Atzipan
Making crosses with children at Atzipan
Donations continued to pour in allowing CUPS to deliver much needed educational materials, reading glasses and furniture for the children in Mexico.
Fitting reading glasses
Fitting reading glasses
We have been witnesses to the spirit of those we serve in Mexico as they have rallied around each other with peace marches, prayer vigils and expressions of hope for their communities.   We continue to receive notes and cards of encouragement from our neighbors, which only serve to affirm our resolve to let God lead us in continuing to find ways to serve our neighbors in Mexico. Our friends in Mexico are very aware that most U.S. mission groups have withdrawn from Mexico, and that only serves to increase their appreciation of those who do come. The CUPS board is dedicated to honoring the lasting relationships that we have developed in Mexico and is so thankful for your support and encouragement. May we together still bring God's love to this region where so many of us have left a piece of our heart.
Praying with the community in Valle Hermoso
Praying with the community in Valle Hermoso

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