Assisting communities in northeastern Mexico and the RGV to improve Health and Education
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Rafael Sanchez

CUPS Delivery Coordinator

Rafael Sanchez, who also goes by "Rafa", joined CUPS on June 25, filling the position of Donations Delivery Coordinator, a position which CUPS has been seeking to fill for several months.  Rafael is pictured at right in front of the CUPS storage unit in Pharr.

Rafael lives in Pharr and does maintenance work for Best Western hotels in the area.  He was born in Mexico, but has been living and working in Pharr for about 17 years, and has permanent resident status in the USA.  Rafael has family in Mexico that he visits on occasion, and is familar with the area that CUPS serves, from Matamoros to Reynosa.

After he was hired by CUPS on June 25, he was introduced to Fidencio, and also inspected the CUPS storage unit in McAllen.

Donors may deliver their donations to one of CUPS' delivery locations, or may take them directly to the RGV, where they can arrange to meet with Rafael to offload donations to the storage unit. 

Rafael's Contact Information


Cell: 956-438-4598

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Future of CUPS

The CUPS board is determined to continue the mission of CUPS for the foreseeable future.  This will entail the ongoing delivery of medical and educational supplies to Mexico, and the execution of selected construction projects in Mexico using Mexican labor.  On the Mexican side of the border, this effort is being led by long term CUPS employee Fidencio Perez, who will coordinate with Louise's network of friends and associates in Valle Hermoso, Matamoros, and elsewhere.  The CUPS delivery coordinator in the RGV processes donations that are delivered to McAllen.  He will store donations in the CUPS storage unit in Pharr, and will arrange transportation of donations to Mexico for distribution by Fidencio.


CUPS continues to seek donations of educational supplies, computers, and medical equipment in support of its ongoing mission.

Likewise, we hope you will continue to support CUPS financially to defray the ongoing operating costs of the organization.  Donations may still be made through the CUPS Business Office (P.O. Box 6933, Kingwood TX 77325).